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Bold ideas and designs, innovative methods and products, and top-quality manufacturing; these are the core values we go by in Bold Innovations.

With a keen eye and deep focus on the everyday needs of our customers, in terms of types of products, trends of style, durability and utmost quality of materials, we started our journey with our very first mobile case in 2018. Our goal was to provide excellent craftmanship in all stages of product-making, from textile design and creation, printing to sewing and packaging, so as to introduce to the market a proudly Made-In-Egypt, top notch product that fulfils the trendy users’ needs and adds a touch of bright creativity to their day.

A few years forward, our product line started a new journey to include more than 15 different items up till now, all designed to brighten up your day and carry your essentials with elegance and a bold, statement-making attitude!

We value your carried-around valuables and take the responsibility for the glorious slogan “Made in Egypt” very seriously, and therefore only provide you with the highest quality, boldest designs, and out-of-the-box luggage ideas, all yet with the best prices.

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Covery Brand Owned By Movibile.